Admissions Process

Ready to place your child at a school that will actually work toward meeting their needs? LIfL may just be the “right placement” for your child’s next school site. To begin the process overview of possible admission and enrollment requirements, please click the "Get Started" button below.

Quick Start Guide

If you are ready to enroll your child at Lakeland Institute for Learning, refer to this page for an overview of the admissions & enrollment process.

  • Do you find it frustrating to motivate your child/ren?

  • Are they capable but they are just not showing it?

  • We do not participate in the state assessments but do track their academic growth.

  • A school wide Applied Behavior Analysis program in academics and productive behavior is tracked daily.

  • We follow the academic Florida Standards to ensure our students have the skills to become a productive member of society.

  • We maintain their IEP’s, accessing free tutoring and Speech/ Language services.

How it Works

We have made getting started easy for you. Here is how the admissions process works.

  • 1 - Admissions

    Are we the right school Choice for your child/ren?

  • 2 - Student Enrollment

    Interested? Begin the admission’s procedures.

  • 3 - Financial Aid Assistance

    Need financial aid assistance? We can help.

1 - Admissions

The admissions process is an opportunity for our admissions coordinators / counselors to learn about the student’s needs, interests, educational goals and learning style.

  • Pre-Admissions (Parent Interview) - The LIfL admissions coordinators speaks with the family to understand the student’s needs, gathers pertinent data from the parents and student, and presents an overview of course offerings at the school.

  • The LIfL admissions coordinators request Copies of Student’s most recent IEP, Psychological, Neurological, or other pertinent information.

  • Upon agreement & acceptance to move forward with transcript assessment and academic planning at Lifl, students pay a registration fee as the next step in the enrollment process.

2 - Enrollment

After reviewing assessment results, and records from previous school(s) & scholarship opportunities a school counselor creates an individualized payment & Academic Plan for the prospective student.

  • Admissions Parental Contract

  • Professional Crisis Management (PCM)

  • Authorization/ Release of Records

  • Parent Fee Schedule

  • Download All Enrollment Forms

3 - Financial Aid Assitance

There are many scholarships available! Once the enrollment is finalized, an admissions counselor will take you through this process.

  • Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) Scholarships

  • Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFOs)

  • Submit your scholarship ID # ( acceptance ID for school enrollment information.)

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Ready to place your child at a school that will actually work toward meeting their needs?